STEGOJET directionally adjustable fan from Aerco

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Aerco now supplies the STEGOJET SJ 019 series of AC axial fans that can be variably adjusted to direct airflow in virtually any direction thus allowing precision cooling of heat sources and preventing formation of heat pockets within enclosures.

The simple yet compact and effective design offers maximum rotation range with quick clip DIN or screw mounting. The fixing system with two clips at a 90 degree angle allows four different positions on a DIN rail, while the hinge in the housing can be moved at a 40 degree angle. The airflow at the air outlet can also be directed at a 45 degree angle and the air duct can be turned through 360 degrees.

Measuring 132 × 75 × 60mm and available in 100 to 240V AC at 50/60Hz, the SJ 019 series has airflow in free air of 7.6 litres/sec (16.2CFM) and the precision ball bearing system ensures a service life of 40,000 hours at 60degC and 90 per cent RH. Power consumption is 4W and the operating temperature range from -10 to +60degC.

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