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The recently announced Burster ForceMaster 9100 manual press monitor is available exclusively in the UK from Ixthus Instrumentation. The new ForceMaster provides a low-cost plug and play option for monitoring that maintains consistency, reliability and quality on manual press processes such as press fitting gear pinions or bearings, parts assembly, compressing powders, forming and product calibration – manufacturing procedures that are becoming increasingly subject to the same stringent requirements and production standards as more complex automated processes.

ForceMaster 9100 comprises a loadcell and a control unit with the optional mounting kit that allows easy installation to retrofit to existing and new presses. In this basic configuration force/time data can monitored; an optional linear displacement transducer is available to allow force/time/displacement for additional position monitoring. An innovative smart card system, called ‘Card & Go’ provides tamper-proof auto configuration with access rights for set-up and operation where component data is quickly and reliably transferred to the unit, making even small production runs straightforward and economic.

The control unit includes a two line LCD display for force and displacement with OK and NOK indicator lights as well as an integrated signaling device that acoustically indicates whether the produced parts are pass or fail. With adjustable tone and volume control it is possible to differentiate between several ForceMaster 9100s that are located close together. The control unit also includes a USB/RS232 interface and the supplied ‘FMControl’ configuration, parameterisation and evaluation software allows users to set-up and monitor the press though a PC.

An optional USB memory flash card provides the user with a cost-effective method of storing and transferring the test curves at the machine as well as archiving and evaluating them later to a remote PC. Additional control unit options include a PLC sequence control function that can allow for instance, tasks such as pneumatic workpiece clamping, pressed parts removal, restricting the return stroke or control of OK/NOK sorting diverters.

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17 September 2013

Ixthus Instrumentation Ltdvisit website
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