ifm electronic adds new features to analogue threshold relay

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ifm electronic adds new features to analogue threshold relayAn analogue 0/4 to 20mA signal offers a wealth of information about a process, but that information has to be used effectively. The upgraded DL2503 from ifm electronic helps users to do just that.

The DL2503 will scale one or two separate analogue inputs, so that the sensor signal matches the physical value – be that temperature, pressure, flow rate or whatever is being monitored. The user can assign switched output signals from the analogue, to set trips or control another operation. These outputs are both relay and solid-state transistor.

When two input signals are received the DL2503 also offers a comparison mode, adding or subtracting the two signals and supplying the result as a single analogue signal, or pulse-width modulated signal, scaled as required. This could be monitoring differential pressure over a filter, or two entirely separate values, such as speed and temperature.

ifm electronic has upgraded the original DL threshold relay to cover an extended operating temperature range down to 40degC below zero; the newly developed luminous OLED display is not only clearer but also brighter, and the menu-guided parameter setting are designed for maximum user-friendliness.

The DL2503 will operate on a wide range of voltages, AC or DC, and provide DC supply to input sensors. For further information, please go to

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