Anti-glare LED machine lights with integrated lenses

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Anti-glare LED machine lights with integrated lensesThe LED machine lights from Phoenix Contact’s Phoenix Lighting Devices (PLD) range illuminate panels or machines for start-up, maintenance, and fault detection, as well as during production. They provide a light intensity of up to 5000 lx. A high-quality built-in lens ensures the lighting is efficient and homogeneous without causing any glare.

Using a continuous dimmer, the brightness can be adjusted to match the machine’s operating states and interior lighting conditions (e.g. reflective surfaces). Up to 15 lights can be switched in series as needed, which cuts down on cabling materials and installation time. The lights can optionally be switched on and off using an integrated digital input. This reduces the need for relays or switches, which have a high contact capacity. Other savings are granted in the area of servicing, as the average LED lifecycle is 65,000 hours.

The machine lights can be integrated with the machine control unit via a PLD communications module. The module is inserted before the first light; setup and operation are conveniently provided via the machine’s bus system. The lights are available in lengths of 200, 365, and 695mm, with a beam angle of 50 or 100 degrees. The communications modules are available with a Profinet or Profibus interface.

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