Scotch-Brite Random Orbital Discs last up to nine times longer

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3M is launching a new range of Scotch-Brite Random Orbital Discs that are claimed to deliver faster cutting, a longer life and more consistent finish than paper- and cloth-back coated abrasives.

Constructed specifically for random orbital sanders from a non-woven nylon web embedded with premium ceramic grain, Scotch-Brite Random Orbital (RO) Discs have been developed for applications such as preparing bare metal for painting. The discs are made using a non-woven nylon web embedded with premium ceramic grain that gives an extremely long life and produces more consistent results throughout the life of the disc. They are said to require less pressure to cut, leading to reduced loading and glazing. Tests carried out on the discs show that on average they last twice as long as cloth-back coated abrasives and an impressive nine times longer than paper-backed discs, thereby significantly reducing the number of disc changeovers and therefore cutting downtime.

Katie Gibbs, marketing executive for the 3M Abrasive Systems Division, explains: "Scotch-Brite is a brand that is synonymous with outstanding performance of abrasive products. Our priority is to develop our technology in ways that will help customers improve their productivity and profitability by offering products that help them perform key tasks faster, more easily and with better results. These new Scotch-Brite Random Orbital (RO) Discs do not just speed up the job, they last significantly longer than other types of RO surface conditioning disc and achieve more consistent results."

Scotch-Brite Random Orbital (RO) Discs are available in 125mm and 150mm diameters in coarse, medium and fine grades equating to P80, P100 and P120 grit paper discs. For further information, go to

08 October 2013

3M United Kingdom plc (Abrasives Systems Division)visit website
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