Powerful new linear actuators enter screw jack territory

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Powerful new linear actuators enter screw jack territoryThe Servomech range of linear actuators sold in the UK by Techdrives has been extended with powerful new models for forces up to 350kN (35 tonnes). These are well into the performance realm of screw jacks, so design engineers have the choice from the two technologies. Actuators are likely to be preferred for pivoting mountings, for dirty environments as there is no exposed screw thread, and where built-in stroke limit switches are needed. Also linear actuators have ball screw versions readily available that suit high-duty cycles, and generally linear speeds can be higher.

There are two new models in the ATL/BSA range of linear actuators, with rated forces of 200kN and 350kN. Linear speeds range from 9 to 140mm/s and typical motors are AC 7.5kW and 15kW. Limit switches are fitted as standard. For duty cycles exceeding 30 per cent the acme screw can be replaced by a ball screw.

Also new is the model ILA linear actuator with six sizes rated from 15 to 200kN. Normally linear actuators have an integrated worm gearbox driving the screw, but the ILA is configured without gearing. This gives flexibility to create special high-force linear assemblies using external gearboxes: helical, helical bevel or even direct motor connection. Advantages can be gains in efficiency, customised dimensions and high linear speeds. Both acme thread and ball screw versions are available.

Details of the new Servomech models and a new 200 page catalogue are available on the Techdrives website at Designers have the choice between both actuators and screw jacks as the Servomech portfolio also includes jacks from 5kN to 1000kN.

06 December 2013

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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