Siemens presents distributed Sinamics S120M servo drive

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With the launch of the Sinamics S120M, Siemens Industry is expanding its Sinamics S120 portfolio with a distributed servo drive.

Moving the power unit out of the cabinet into the motor of the drive axis has made it possible to downscale both the volume and the air-conditioning of the cabinet. This shortens the time required for cabling work. The distributed design of the drive and the ability to run up to 12 drives on one adapter module also increase flexibility, both for newly designed machines and for upgrades. The new drive is suitable for modular machine designs and machines with large dimensions or limited space for the cabinet.

Sinamics S120M is the distributed version of the Sinamics S120 modular drive system, which is used for demanding motion-control tasks in many different industrial applications. It is a compact, ready-to-use unit, with a power unit integrated into the motor of the drive axis. This reduces the power loss in the cabinet and requires less air-conditioning. The volume and footprint of the cabinet can also be smaller. Thanks to a one-cable system where a pre-assembled hybrid cable contains all signal and power cables, not only is the total cable length shorter but the cabling time is also reduced.

Sinamics S120M is connected to the AM600 adapter module via the associated hybrid cable, which is, in turn, connected centrally to the existing Sinamics S120 system in the cabinet. All safety functions are available for safe stopping and motion monitoring of drives from the Sinamics S120 system

The distributed design makes modularisation of plants and plant sections possible. Depending on the power, up to 12 distributed Sinamics S120M servo drives can be run on one adapter module. Any number of adapter modules can be run from an appropriately dimensioned power supply. Digital inputs and outputs integrated into the drive also enable convenient adaptation to the machine environment in typical applications, such as packaging, printing, glass, and textiles industry.

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11 December 2013

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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