Next-generation power sources for m3 plasma cutting system

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Next-generation power sources for m3 plasma cutting systemESAB Cutting Systems is introducing the EPP-202 and EPP-362, the next generation of Precision Plasmarc power sources for the m3 Plasma System, a precision plasma system that combines plasma cutting and marking capabilities in a fully integrated, easy-to-use package. The new EPP units offer precise control of the plasma current using all-digital control circuitry, and a new high-speed data bus connection which provides precise current control and gas regulation, as well as enhanced diagnostic capabilities, including advanced status and process monitoring.

The digital power circuits in the EPP-202 (200A) and EPP-362 (360A) allow the new power sources to handle a full range of cutting and marking tasks, delivering consistent, repeatable results while maximising consumable life, without sacrificing output power or stability.

An internal coolant circulator keeps the power sources operating at a more constant, controlled temperature, resulting in improved overall reliability. The integrated EPP design reduces the size, weight and complexity of the power supplies, minimising installation and floor space requirements.

ESAB’s EPP power supply is a core component of the company’s m3 Plasma System which delivers advanced cutting features and components, including the new XR Series nozzles that enable faster cutting over a wide range of material types and thicknesses with less power, using the same nozzle, as well as ESAB’s Precision Hole Technology, which automatically produces bolt-ready holes. The m3 system supports SmartCycle Technology for increased productivity through full system integration of plasma, CAD/CAM/nesting software and CNC. In addition, the m3 system features Smart Voltage Height Control capability, which automatically adjusts the voltage height control for maximum consumable life while ensuring consistent cut quality through the life of the consumables.

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