Siemens expands Sinamics G120P series

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Siemens Industry is expanding its Sinamics G120P series with the introduction of cabinet units for powers up to 200 kW. With the Sinamics G120P Cabinet, Siemens Industry is now able to provide an inverter cabinet unit specifically adapted to pumps, fans, and compressors extending the power spectrum of the existing series.

In line with Siemens’ Integrated Drive Systems strategy, the drive is optimally adapted to operate with Simotics severe-duty and flexible-duty motors from Siemens. For example, the inverter output currents have been adapted to the motor-rated currents and the motors to the rated pulse frequencies of the inverters. As the components interact as an integrated drive system, the voltage is optimally utilised and the noise level of the motor is also reduced by 4dB. The efficiency of the overall system is 98 per cent. The new inverter also has application-specific functions that enable efficient operation of pumps.

Integrated energy-saving functions also contribute to the high energy efficiency of the inverter. For example, eco mode enables motor currents to be reduced in partial-load operation. The Profinet-based Profienergy data interface permits unnecessary loads to be disconnected, reducing costly load peaks. With variable-speed operation of pumps, fans, and compressors with quadratic torque, up to 70 per cent of energy can be saved.

Andy Hodgson from Siemens Industry comments: “The introduction of the Sinamics G120P Cabinet unit from Siemens not only enables users to extend the power level they can work to but, importantly, it helps achieve energy savings. It has been carefully designed to ensure minimum engineering time and it is rugged to withstand tough operating environments so it will help plants ensure operational efficiency.”

For efficient pump control, the Sinamics G120P Cabinet has application-specific functions, such as the PID controller, which controls the drive speed as a function of process varies, such as temperature, pressure, flowrate, and air quality. When requested by the PID controller, additional pumps can also be switched on and off by the motor staging function, which is an advantage, above all, for pump systems with closed-loop control of the volume flowrate. Mechanical resonance and therefore damage to the tube system is avoided by suppressing certain frequencies.

The new inverter is a ready-to-use cabinet unit that is easy to install and commission. The user is supported by software tools Sizer for configuration and Starter for parameterisation and commissioning featuring pump, fan and compressor-specific wizards and macros. This is supplemented, among others, by a fast motor identification. There is sufficient space for flexible design of the cabinet interior. Long cables and optimised connection options also ensure flexibility of location.

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07 January 2014

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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