SMARC COM Module with ARM Cortex A9 i.MX6 processor

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SMARC COM Module with ARM Cortex A9 i.MX6 processorAdvantech is launching the ROM-5420, a RISC SMARC module powered by the Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 dual core high-performance processor. Miniature in size, ROM-5420 supports camera inputs, and battery power inputs of 3–5.25V that are suitable for portable device development. ROM-5420 is suitable for HMI systems, gaming and infotainment, industrial tablets, medical devices, instrumentation and more.

ROM-5420 is a highly scalable SMARC (Smart Mobility ARChitecture) form factor module of only 82mm × 50mm size, and an overall assembly height of under 8mm. Based on the Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 dual core processor, ROM-5420 supports triple independent displays—Parallel, HDMI and LVDS; plus SATA-II, USB 2.0/OTG, 1 × PCIe, 1 × GBe LAN, 12 × GPIO, 2 × CAN bus, 5 × I2C, 4 × UART and 1 × MIPI camera input. Moreover, ROM-5420 also supports lithium-ion batteries that have +3–5.25V power input design with suspend mode under 0.3W which makes them an excellent choice for portable applications.

ROM-5420 offers Security API, a software API for anti-copy protection that is included in the software program and protects the user’s image from unauthorised copying. Furthermore, the customer can tailor API and middleware development to their application and apply it to other Advantech RISC products. And, they do not need to update the API once they upgrade their hardware platform in the future.

Advantech brings the ROM-5420 RISC-based Computer-on-Module to market together with their RISC Design-in Support Services. A high-value development process for modular designs includes planning, design, integration, and validation phases; this streamlines the whole design procedure and helps customers rapidly develop their own innovations. In addition to standard OS support such as Embedded Linux v3.0.35, Advantech provides three-levels of software service: Evaluative Image, Board Support Package (BSP), and Custom Design Services. This helps customers reduce development time, reduce design costs, and reduce time-to-market.


  • Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 Dual core 1GHz high performance processor
  • Onboard DDR3 1GB memory and 4GB flash capability
  • Supports LVDS
  • parallel and HDMI with Full HD 1080p hardware video codec engine
  • Supports SATA-II
  • USB 2.0/OTG
  • 1 PCIe
  • 1 GBe LAN
  • Supports 12 GPIO
  • 2 CAN bus
  • 5 I2C
  • 4 UART
  • 1 MIPI camera input
  • Low-power and fanless design
  • Linux kernel V3.0.35 BSP support
  • RISC platform design-in services for H/W and S/W

The SMARC ROM-5420 is available now, along with the ROM-DB5900 evaluation carrier board for easy integration and design reference. Supplied schematics and layout checklists for carrier board development help you to develop your own carrier board much more easily than before. Additionally, Linux BSP, test utilities, design utilities, and reference codes are ready for application development and device integration. Please contact your local salesperson or visit for more details.

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