On-machine controller simplifies system architecture

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On-machine controller simplifies system architectureManufacturers and equipment builders are looking to simplify machine architectures and reduce system footprints. With the release of the Allen-Bradley Armor GuardLogix programmable automation controller (PAC), Rockwell Automation now provides users with a high-performance, multidisciplined control in a controller that can be installed directly on-machine.

Rockwell’s Armor GuardLogix PAC joins a growing portfolio of On-Machine solutions that move the industrial controls and hardware closer to the application or onto the machine, minimising the number of components in the cabinet. This reduces wiring time while helping increase uptime as maintenance and repair is made faster with pre-configured, quick connect systems and simplified wiring layouts.

The Armor GuardLogix PAC is IP67, SIL 3, PL(e), CAT 4 rated with 4 MB of application code storage space with two full-featured EtherNet/IP device-level ring (DLR) capable connections.

Geoff Sieron, product manager, GuardLogix controllers, Rockwell Automation, says: “With this controller, manufacturers can tap the power of our information-enabled Integrated Architecture system in a simple-to-use, but fully loaded on-machine controller. Additionally, as manufacturing control systems evolve, our customers are replacing aging equipment with simplified systems. Quick-connect cabling greatly streamlines system wiring so the system is easier to install, troubleshoot and maintain. This can be especially crucial to machine and equipment builders looking to improve time-to-market, testing and commissioning.”

Rockwell’s Armor GuardLogix PAC provides access to the controller-mode switch, USB port, secure digital (SD) card and power-supply switch, along with 24V DC power pass-through to supply power to other On-Machine products. This feature allows power to be routed from one machine device or module to another, eliminating the need for a power supply for each device and simplifying the overall system architecture. Innovative mounting tabs can be rotated vertically or horizontally, giving users flexibility on where and how the product can be mounted. The controller is programmed in the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 design and engineering environment.

Armor GuardLogix controllers are available for purchase from local Rockwell Automation sales offices and distributors. For further information please visit

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