Jumbo Marathon Pac2 next generation solid wire bulk packaging

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Jumbo Marathon Pac2 next generation solid wire bulk packagingESAB Welding & Cutting Products is introducing Jumbo Marathon Pac 2, the next generation in solid wire bulk packaging. Jumbo Marathon Pac 2 is a GMAW bulk wire drum system that offers a high-productivity option for continuous, high-volume welding applications.

ESAB was among the first in the industry to offer welding wire in bulk packaging to improve welding productivity by decreasing the number of interruptions needed to change a new package of wire. ESAB’s octagonal-shaped Marathon Pac, introduced in 1997, was the first of its kind and the most user- and environmentally friendly bulk packaging product for solid wire.

ESAB’s new Jumbo Marathon Pac 2 is the next-generation of Marathon Pac, re-engineered to provide a more robust packaging design and to guarantee trouble-free feedability. It features a near-round shape that maximises packaging strength and minimises the impact of shipping and handling on wire feedability. An all-new decoiling system ensures high productivity by reducing feeding stops for continuous, trouble-free operation.

Jumbo Marathon Pac 2 increases welding efficiency by carrying more solid wire for a total load capacity of 500kg. (1100 lbs.) The new Jumbo Marathon Pac 2 offers the same compact footprint as its predecessor and is fully compatible with all of its accessories, making it an effortless transition for current Marathon Pac users.

The next generation of Marathon Pac has environmentally friendly packaging. The main drum components are made of cardboard material with no metal parts, and are foldable to assure easy disposal and recycling of the package material after use.

ESAB’s new Jumbo Marathon Pac 2 is suitable for the most demanding of production environments. It is also available in an “endless” version, which makes it possible to combine the content of a series of Marathon Pacs to form a continuous, in-line supply source, virtually eliminating the need to stop for wire changes. ESAB’s Endless Marathon Pac System is suitable for multi-robot stations.

Jumbo Marathon Pac 2 is currently offered in a drum size of 500kg. The product offering will be extended to include a 250kg drum in the near future. To learn more about the Jumbo Marathon Pac 2, please go to

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