Sick magnetic position sensors improve accuracy and control

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Sick magnetic position sensors improve accuracy and controlSick UK is launching the MPS and MPA magnetic analogue output position sensors for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders that are claimed to promise unprecedented levels of accuracy and control, combined with the versatility to be used universally for machine and robotics applications.

The key to the sensors' high performance is a continuous analogue output signal for precision non-contact detection at all stroke positions with minimal blind zones. Simple to commission thanks to the sensors' intelligent teach-in function, they are designed for easy and quick mounting on T-slot housings with a range of bracket options for standard cylinder types.

Phil Dyas, Sick (UK) sensor specialist, says: "The new MPS and MPA cylinder sensors deliver unrivalled levels of control for universal automation tasks at an affordable price point. Machine builders and operators will come to rely on their high performance and reliability and will like their quick commissioning and fast replacement times."

The rugged MPA and the compact MPS support a range of high-precision positioning, measurement and detection applications such as spot welding, drilling, screwing and polishing. They feature both a 4-24mA and 0-10V output for positioning performance.

Sick MPA analogue magnetic sensor

With 25 sizes from 107mm to 1007mm, the Sick MPA analogue magnetic sensor (pictured above) is suitable for longer stroke cylinder applications. Its precision operation achieves a linearity of 0.5mm at 1.15m/s, an accuracy of 0.3 per cent and reproducibility of 0.06 per cent. The MPA is ruggedly built with an IP67-rated aluminium enclosure, for long life and reliability under the toughest industrial conditions.

Sick MPS analogue magnetic sensor

Sick's MPS range of eight sizes from 32mm to 256mm is said to meet most short-stroke applications and is described as unique on the market. The MPS is suited to short-stroke cylinder uses and confined spaces. Its precision resolution (0.05mm), repeatability (0.1mm) and linearity (0.3mm) are ensured by the adjustable zero point and final point at set up. In addition, the rapid 1ms sampling rate is suitable for fast-operating machinery, and is claimed to be faster than any comparable cylinder sensor.

Both the Sick MPS and Sick MPA are equipped with touch-button on-board teach-in and set-up, with coloured LEDs for rapid commissioning including the stroke start and end points, delivering high precision in operation. Both come with an I/O communications link for compatibility with high-grade factory control networks. With I/O link, all data and self-diagnostics can be fully uploaded, enabling the sensors to be easily replaced and key parameters automatically downloaded, thereby saving maintenance time.

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