Recording compressed air consumption with volume flow meters

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Recording compressed air consumption with volume flow metersThe PSK AFS compact volume flow sensors from Phoenix Contact are based on calorimetric measurement and can detect consumption quantities as low as 0.06Nm3/h. The sensors are also suitable for measuring operational consumption thanks to their large measuring range of up to 700Nm3/h.

In addition to the IO Link communication system that facilitates intelligent communication between the sensor and the controller, the compressed air counters can also output analog values and digital impulses, as well as measuring switching thresholds via two digital outputs. These versatile options for outputting flow and temperature measurement data facilitate a wide range of connections to process and control systems.

The compressed air counters measure the current volume flow, the total volume consumed, and the temperature of the compressed air in the monitored process. The devices offer a value and status display in addition to the numerous configuration and measuring options available via the IO Link, providing users with an overview directly at the sensor.

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