Pilz PAScal safety calculator now uses VDMA 66413 library

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Pilz PAScal safety calculator now uses VDMA 66413 libraryPilz has released a new version of its PAScal Safety Calculator software tool for calculating and verifying the key safety parameters for safety functions on plant and machinery, including Performance Level, PL, as per EN ISO 13849-1, and Safety Integrity Level, SIL, as per EN 62061 (IEC 62061). Most importantly, the new PAScal version 1.7.0 supports the VDMA 66413 library format for the first time.

PAScal calculates the achievable PL and SIL for the safety functions based on the components that have been chosen. The result is verified against the required PL or SIL in accordance with EN ISO 13849 or EN 62061 (IEC 62061) as appropriate, and shows whether any action is needed.

The standard sheet VDMA 66413, Functional Safety – Universal data format for safety-related values of components or parts of control systems, describes the necessary safety characteristic data and the format in which it should be provided, with the intention that standardisation will make it easier for engineers to design safety-related control systems irrespective of the manufacturers of the safety components.

Data is provided in 'libraries' created by manufacturers taking into account the VDMA 66413 format; all data is therefore presented in a standardised format.

PAScal standardised to VDMA 66413

The previous PAScal library format has now been replaced by the VDMA 66413 format. Users of PAScal can benefit from this standardisation because the safety component characteristic data pre-installed in the PAScal software is stored in the VDMA-compatible format. This Pilz data can be supplemented by libraries from other manufacturers. Furthermore, the new Editor also enables users to create custom libraries in the same format. Note that the VDMA 66413 format is fully supported not only during import but also during export.

Pilz has additionally created a data converter so it is possible to continue using existing data and calculations from previous releases of PAScal, with the old data being converted automatically to the VDMA 66413 format.

Note also that PAScal version 1.7.0 remains fully compatible with Sistema .SLB Libraries from other component manufacturers.

Work with either functional safety standard

Once an initial machine risk assessment has been completed, ideally at the design stage, PAScal can be used to assess the safety issues, regardless of which of the two machinery functional safety standard is being used in the design of the safety-related control system, namely EN ISO 13849-1 or EN 62061 (IEC 62061).

Of course, if machine designers or system integrators need additional support with design, engineering, validation or even training, Pilz has the expertise available.

Pilz has prepared three new videos about the new release of PSAcal:

Free Download: PAScal safety calculator

The licence-free version of the PAScal safety calculator software is available to download free of charge. Depending on the user's requirement, a licence key can be purchased to take advantage of the many additional functions available with the full version. Follow the link to download PAScal free of charge.

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