WEG extends the lead in energy efficiency: from IE4 to IE5

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WEG extends the lead in energy efficiency: from IE4 to IE5WEG will present its new W22 IE5 energy-efficient permanent-magnet motors at Hannover this year (Hall 15, StandF11). With a rated efficiency of 96.6 per cent and significantly lower losses than IE4 motors, they are among the first commercially available motors that conform to the recently formulated criteria for a potential IE5 energy efficiency class (it is widely anticipated that IE5 Ultra Premium Motors will require losses to be approximately 20 per cent lower than IE4 motors).

With the launch of the W22 Super Premium family of induction motors in late 2012, WEG was among the first to offer a full range of motors conforming to the as-yet unratified IE4 standard. Another WEG innovation at the fair is the upgraded W22x series of explosion-proof motors, which are now available in IE4 versions on request as well as standard IE2 and IE3 efficiency classes.

For mechanical and plant engineering firms, it is time for action because EU Motor Efficiency Regulation EC 640/2009 stipulates that starting in 2015 or 2017, IE3 induction motors, or alternatively IE2 motors driven by frequency converters, must be used in most industrial applications. As a force in the development of energy-efficient drives, WEG aims to offer a full range of options. Users can comply with the regulations by opting for a high-performance W22 IE2 motor in combination with a frequency converter in the CFW 11 or CFW 11M series, or by opting for the direct approach of a W22 motor with an IE3 or IE4 rating. Highly energy-aware enterprises can now go even further and choose the new permanent-magnet motor, which has significantly lower losses than the Super Premium model and conforms to the specifications of the potential IE5 regulation.

The upgrade of the W22x series of motors for explosion-proof applications is also motivated by considerations of energy efficiency and the Motor Efficiency Regulation. Up to now special applications such as explosion protection have been exempt from the efficiency regulations for standard induction motors. On its own initiative, WEG resolved to give users the option for better energy efficiency in this demanding application area as well. Accordingly, the drive specialists have now expanded their portfolio of explosion-proof W22x motors with versions conforming to energy efficiency class IE4, which sets them apart from most of the competition.

Additional product highlights at the Hannover trade fair expand the existing portfolio to include the high-performance gear units and gear motors of WEG’s subsidiary Watt Drive. With its broad portfolio, WEG is further expanding its presence as a system provider in Europe.

With motors in efficiency classes IE2 to IE5, soft starters, servo technology, frequency inverters and gearboxes, WEG says it now offers the broadest portfolio of drive components and systems to help manufacturers raise efficiency, improve processes and lower operating costs.

Marek Lukaszczyk, European Marketing Manager at WEG, comments: "Energy efficiency is high on the industrial agenda, with the EU Motor Efficiency Regulations coming into effect in 2015, stipulating that IE3 induction motors, or alternatively IE2 motors driven by frequency inverters, must be used in industrial applications. We are delighted to far exceed the regulations with our new permanent-magnet motor and it is another example of how we are pushing boundaries and going one step further to help engineers maximise the energy efficiency of their processes."

More information on WEG products, including the W22 series of IE5 Ultra Premium Motors, is available at

12 March 2014

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