PBSH pressure switch reduces hygiene costs for food processors

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PBSH pressure switch reduces hygiene costs for food processorsThe new PBSH pressure switch from SICK’s Industrial Instrumentation Division is designed specifically for pressure control applications in food and beverage processes, achieving stringent hygiene standards and high production availability cost effectively.

SICK’s PBSH combines hygienic stainless steel wetted parts with a heavy duty plastic housing featuring a bright, highly visible display to provide direct indication of process pressure. In addition, industry standard electrical output signals provide constant feedback to the process PLC. A seal-free construction ensures that the PBSH resists the aggressive and high-temperature CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilising regimes employed in the food and beverage industry.

Darren Pratt, SICK (UK) industrial sensor specialist, says: “SICK’s PBSH pressure switch is designed to achieve high availability combined with great value for money for the food and drink industry. High-quality 1.4435 stainless steel wetted parts for contact with process and CIP chemicals are combined with a heavy duty IP67 plastic head perfectly suited to standard washdown, resulting in a solution which has been optimised for the task in hand.

“A range of hygienic connections are available to meet a processor’s requirements, compatible with existing plant connections. All the PBSH’s wetted parts are welded to the highest standards to ensure in-process hygiene. Seam-free, rounded joins and no gaps or traps reduce residue build up and enables CIP and SIP processes to do their job effectively.”

The SICK PBSH Hygienic is an innovative electronic pressure switch suitable for gauge, vacuum and absolute pressure measurement with a variety of measuring ranges from -1 to 0bar, up to 0 to +25bar. Its versatility in meeting process requirements is enhanced by the capability of the PBSH housing to be rotated so that the electrical connections, display and control buttons face the optimum direction for an installation.

Set-up of the SICK PBSH is simple and rapid via the three push buttons and the highly visible display. In addition to providing switched outputs the unit is equipped with a standard analogue 4…20mA, 0…10V output or an I/O link connection. Installations using I/O link can use the automatic uploading of parameters to facilitate sensor recommissioning when process products or conditions are changed, during processing or cleaning, saving line downtime and improving productivity.

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