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Updated motor portfolio for general industrial applicationsWEG has updated its portfolio of standard industrial motors extensively with the W40, W50 and W60 series. Thanks to the optimised design, the new compact three-phase induction motors deliver reliable high performance even under adverse conditions.

The motors collectively cover the power range from 90 to 4250kW at frequencies of 50 and 60Hz. The three-phase induction motors are suitable for nearly all industrial applications requiring high performance and reliability, including pumps, compressors and fans.

The design has been optimised to make the motors more compact than their predecessors, with lower weight, smaller dimensions and a reduced footprint. With sturdy, innovative grey cast iron housings, they are suitable for use under adverse conditions and assure low noise and vibration levels. Optimised rotor and stator laminations together with improved motor cooling give an especially high power density (ratio of output power to weight), making the standard industrial motors in the W40, W50 and W60 series among the most efficient of their sort on the market.

Two-pole and four-pole motors in the W60 series are available in frame sizes from IEC450 to IEC560, with rated power from 800 to 4250kW and rated voltage from 2300 to 10,000V. To maximise application flexibility, the motors are available in three configurations: open and self-ventilated (IC01, WP-II), closed and air/air-cooled (IC611, TEAAC) and closed with air/water heat exchanger (IC81, TEWAC).

Thanks to their compact design, the motors have a smaller footprint and are claimed to be the shortest modular motors of their sort on the market. Noise and vibration levels are especially low thanks to sturdy construction with a high-quality grey cast iron frame and shield as well as a true stiff motor shaft that eliminates critical flexural vibrations below the rated speed. This makes the W60 motors a good choice for applications with frequency inverter operation or strong shaking loads. High-quality rotor and stator laminations, high-efficiency fans and optimised heat exchangers enable the motors in the W60 series to achieve above-average efficiency and power density.

The W60 motors are designed for continuous use and are easy to install and commission. They are also suitable for use with medium-voltage frequency inverters as standard motors with no speed restrictions due to critical vibration speeds. The WEG medium-voltage frequency inverters of the MVW0s series are good partners. The motors are fitted with roller bearings as standard, but they are optionally available with sleeve bearings. Their modular structure allows users to adapt the motors to their specific applications by adding optional accessories such as differential pressure switches for air cooling, leak detectors for water cooling, an automatic lubrication system for ball bearings, or encoders.

Frequency inverter operation

Very similar to the W60 series in design and construction, the W50 series features a compact and sturdy grey cast iron frame and high power density. W50 motors with two to 12 poles are available in frame sizes from IEC315 to IEC450, rated power from 90 to 1280kW, and rated voltage from 440 to 6600V. They also feature low noise and vibration levels (82dB at 3600rpm) and are available with protection ratings from IP55 to IP66. The motors are fitted with ball bearings as standard and are optionally available with sleeve or roller bearings. The W50 motors have IC411 cooling in accordance with EN60034-6 and are designed for frequency inverter operation. In particular, the stiff motor shaft eliminates speed restrictions due to critical internal vibrations at motor speeds up to 3600rpm in frequency inverter operation. The W50 series is available with mounting options B3, B5, V1 and V6.

The open drip-proofed (ODP) W40 motors with two, four or six poles are the smallest members of the standard industrial motors family and are only suitable for applications where dirt and moisture are not factors. They are available in frame sizes from IEC280L to IEC450 with rated power from 250 to 1650kW for low and medium voltages. They have IP23 or IP24 protection rating. These modular motors also feature especially low noise and vibration levels, with slight differences between the various models (ODP, WI and WII).

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22 April 2014

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