X-life bearings for screw drives increase operating life

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X-life bearings for screw drives increase operating lifeSchaeffler is launching a new range of X-life double-row axial angular-contact ball bearings for screw drives. These optimised bearings benefit from a 10 per cent increase in basic dynamic load rating, resulting in a 33 per cent increase in nominal operating life.

Screw drives are suitable for a variety of machine building, automation, handling and automotive engineering applications, and can be subjected to high dynamic loads. Schaefflers new ZKLN and ZKLF X-life double-row axial angular-contact ball bearings offer a variety of technical advantages over their predecessors. The two series are similar except that the ZKLF bearings feature fixing holes in the outer ring for easy attachment to adjacent structures.

By using new production technologies, Schaeffler has optimised the contact face between the rolling elements and raceway. As a result of increased raceway accuracy and quality, there is also a significant reduction in the stress conditions present on the rolling elements and raceway under the same load conditions. This improved quality reduces friction in the bearing, resulting in lower bearing temperatures, reduced running resistance and less strain on the lubricant. In addition, where applicable, required relubrication intervals are now extended. As a result of reduced friction, there is a simultaneous increase in the energy efficiency of the bearings, while energy consumption and operating costs are also reduced.

Due to these technical improvements, the basic dynamic load rating is approximately 10 per cent higher than the previous standard bearings. This improvement also leads to an increase in the basic rating life of up to 33 per cent. As a result, the operating life of the bearings is extended under identical operating conditions. Alternatively, if the rating life values remain the same, higher loads can be applied to the bearings. This gives engineers more design freedom and creates new possibilities for the design of the bearings.

Lower friction, longer life and higher speed

As well as improvements to bearing contact surfaces, the bearing rings are now manufactured from a special heat-treated material. As a result, the raceways of the inner and outer rings are now less susceptible to damage from solid particulates under mixed friction conditions. This, in turn, extends the operating life, as less strain is now placed on the lubricant.

Reduced bearing friction and an associated reduction in heat generated in the bearings enables significantly higher limiting speeds. Compared with standard and competing bearings – and depending on the permissible heat generation associated with the application – up to 60 per cent higher speeds can be achieved with X-life ZKLN/ZKLF bearings. This also enables axial angular contact ball bearings to be used in applications with significantly higher speed requirements.

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