Pressure sensors with IO-Link from Phoenix Contact

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Pressure sensors with IO-Link from Phoenix ContactThe new PSK pressure sensors from Phoenix Contact record operating pressure levels in machines and systems. Pneumatic systems can therefore be monitored reliably and measured values continuously logged.

Thanks to IO-Link, there are also numerous options for intelligent sensor communication. The pressure sensors have a ceramic measuring cell and are designed for a nominal pressure of -1 to 10bar. They are robust with regard to mechanical influences and are wear and fatigue free. The resulting long-term stability ensures safe operation and reliable measuring results in over 100 million pressure cycles.

With IO-Link, the intelligent communication technology between the sensor (IO-Link device) and controller (IO-Link master), process data, parameters, and diagnostic information can be transmitted from the pressure sensor via a standard cable. If IO-Link is not used, the sensor acts as a pressure switch with two switching outputs (SIO mode). With an IO-Link master according to specification 1.1, the parameters of the connected sensor are saved and transferred to the new connected sensor on replacement, thereby eliminating the need for any time-consuming reparameterisation.

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