High-performance controller for complex industrial environments

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High-performance controller for complex industrial environmentsThe new Axiocontrol AXC 3050 controller from Phoenix Contact is well suited for complex automation tasks due to the fast processing speed it offers. Programmed via PC Worx, which incorporate all 5 IEC 61131 languages, functions like high-speed counters and event tasks are integrated directly into the controller. This enables short response times without the need for special I/O modules. The rugged, EMC-resistant housing opens up new possibilities for use in harsh industrial environments.

To set up local stations, the Axioline F modules, the IP20 I/O system from Phoenix Contact, can be installed in the modular controller as required. The controller can be integrated into existing networks via the three Ethernet interfaces and expanded to include additional local I/O modules. Links to Axioline E modules for I/O with IP67 protection allow a flexible installation strategy by the machine builder or end user. The user can choose between the TCP/IP, UDP, Modbus/TCP, and Profinet communication protocols, with the controller functioning as both a Profinet controller and a Profinet device.

A USB connection makes it easy to log data on removable media and to update the controller program; you can use this USB connection for diagnostics and IP Address settings, therefore simplifying set-up. In the event of power failures, the Axiocontrol PLC automatically backs up all controller data from the application onto the flash card.

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