Plug-in energy-saving valve connector halves energy consumption

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Plug-in energy-saving valve connector halves energy consumptionPhoenix Contact has developed a plug-in valve connector with energy-saving function that is claimed to achieve savings in energy costs of up to 50 per cent on a hydraulic valve, for example, compared with using a conventional plug-in valve connector. After controlling the valve, the energy-reducing function cuts the holding current to 50 per cent, so energy is saved and smaller power supply units can be used.

The valve plug-in connector is available as a pre-assembled plug-in connector with PUR line quality in designs A, B, C and industrial standards BI and CI with a nominal current of 1A. Design A is also available as a 4A version for large hydraulic valves. The new plug is the latest addition to the range of valve plug-in connectors from Phoenix Contact.

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