Portable machine vibration assessment: SKF Wireless MicroVibe

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SKF is launching the SKF Wireless MicroVibe that enables users to safely, quickly and easily assess vibration-related problems with their machinery. The vibration assessment tool is suitable for analysing rotating equipment. Portable, compact and lightweight, this versatile and easy-to-use tool offers reliable and fast wireless (WiFi) data collection.

In conjunction with a tablet or smart phone, the new SKF Wireless MicroVibe provides the functionality of basic vibration data collection and analysis. It is an entry-level, cost-efficient option for machine vibration measurements, root cause analysis, and small route-based data collection.

Torsten Bark, SKF Product Line Manager says: “The wireless sensor will help our customers assess data in a much easier and quicker way than other comparable technology on the market. Anyone who owns a tablet can check the condition of a machine to ISO standards or bearing condition or by user defined alarms. They can even start a simple condition monitoring programme for their rotating machinery with this entry level solution.”

Once the judgment call of the overall vibration measurements results in an alert or danger, the FFT spectra and waveforms function will provide information to help indicate the root cause of the vibration.

The SKF Wireless MicroVibe, CMVL 4000-EN, allows multi-point automation for faster data collection. The data collected, assessed and stored includes enveloped acceleration, acceleration, velocity and displacement, in both FFT spectrum and time waveform displays.

Should vibration measurements (based on ISO vibration severity standard and SKF bearing condition evaluation) trigger an alarm, FFT spectrum analysis enables engineers to pinpoint problems such as unbalance, misalignment, bearing, or any other cause. Transferring all this vibration data to a computer, it will also store and recall measurements for trending and further analysis.

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