Direct laser marking for complex industrial labelling

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Direct laser marking for complex industrial labellingPhoenix Contact’s new Topmark laser marker features over 400 markers to offer a suitable terminal, conductor, cable, device, and system label for every application.

This powerful ytterbium fibre laser marks the label material (stainless steel (V4A), aluminium, and plastic) directly. As the marking is made directly, there is no toner or ink ribbon required. The labels are very durable, even in the face extreme conditions and environmental influences. The Topmark also labels and profile cuts foil material to specification in one easy step.

The Topmark marker automatically detects the material in use, increasing both the speed and efficiency of your operation. The Topwark works with the Clip Project planning and labelling software which is used for all Phoenix Contact marking systems.

Topmark is described as the fastest desktop laser labelling system in its class. It is simple to use, with none of the special laser knowledge or time-consuming parameter adjustment required by other lasers. Please visit for further details.

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