New non-contact IP69 SMART sensors minimise downtime

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Now available from Aerco, the new Honeywell SMART position sensor is one of the most durable and adaptable non-contact sensors available. Providing accurate, safe and efficient motion control the range is suitable for applications in the industrial, transportation, medical, military and aerospace industries.

The SMART (Superior Measurement, Accuracy, Reliability, Thinking) sensors are small and lightweight, and have a simple non-contact design that eliminates mechanical failure, reduces wear and improves machine reliability.

It is an absolute position sensor that senses the position of a magnet relative to the sensor using a patented combination of an ASIC and an array of magneto-resistive sensors.

Available in linear, arc or rotary configurations SMART sensors are lightweight, rugged, easy to install and are offered in a wide range of sizes and sensing distances. They are highly shock and vibration resistant and are sealed to IP67 and IP69. An in-built self-diagnostic feature ensures machine downtime is reduced to a minimum.

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