Mini-ITX COM application board has extended temperature support

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Mini-ITX COM application board has extended temperature supportAdvantech is releasing its newest Mini-ITX application board – SOM-AB5810. Featuring pin-to-pin compatibility with COM Express Basic and Compact type 6 pin-out CPU modules, SOM-AB5810 supports both normal and wide-range temperature demands, as well as a choice of ATX power supply or DC-in 19V adapter. SOM-AB5810 is suitable for harsh environments and useful for outdoor surveillance, industrial automation, digital signage, kiosk applications and much more.

SOM-AB5810 is designed to interlock with performance COM Express Basic and Compact type 6 pin-out CPU modules to provide a range of choices for customers. Compatible Advantech CPU models include SOM-5892 with 3rd Gen. Intel Core, SOM-5894, and SOM-6894 with 4th Gen. Intel Core. Based on the COM-Express architecture, these modules offer high scalability for platform upgrades in the future, and cost-effective protection for customers concerned about their confidentiality. Better yet, to achieve extended temperature requirements, all the components on SOM-AB5810 are screened and are validated for normal and wide-range working temperature operation. This gives customers more options when they design their Mini-ITX projects with these environments in mind.

SOM-AB5810 is designed for two different types of power selection – ATX power supply and DC-in 19V via an adapter. An optional ATX power supply can deliver under 47W to the CPU module board (Note: ATX power supply should be more than 200W). For the DC-in 19V adapter power design, it can deliver under 17W to the CPU module. For the I/O interface, SOM-AB5810 supports standard and low-profile design types. The standard I/O interface fits with a standard Mini-ITX I/O shielding and standard Mini-ITX chassis without alterations. The low-profile I/O interface can meet both standard I/O shielding or customised interface within a low-profile chassis design.

Remote management is becoming more and more important for customer’s applications. Advantech’s compact or basic CPU modules for SOM-AB5810 are preloaded with Advantech’s SUSIAccess remote device management software and iManager firmware self-managment tool, which provides an invaluable suite of programmable APIs such as multi-level watchdog timer, hardware monitoring, and many other intelligent tools that can add value to your applications. iManager on chip self-mangement agent ensures the system operates normally even when the OS crashes, helping enhance system stability, compatibility, and reducing effort on carrier board design and platform migration.

SOM-AB5810 features:

  • Supports standard ATX power or DC-in 19V models
  • Supports 1 × VGA, 1 LVDS, 2 HDMI
  • Supports 1 × PCIe ×16 (ATX SKU), 1 × PCIe ×1 (DC-in SKU), 4 SATA (ATX SKU), 2 SATA (DC-in SKU), mSATA (for optional), 2 mini-PCIe, 1 LAN, 4 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, and 2 COM ports

SOM-AB5810, along with SOM-5892 COM Express Basic CPU module is available from May 2014. SOM-AB5810, along with SOM-5894 will be ready in Q3 2014, and SOM-AB5810, along with SOM-6894 will be ready in Q4 2014. Please visit the website at for more details about the new SOM-AB5810 Mini-ITX application board.

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