Highly Secure Advantech AIMB-503 MicroATX for ATMs and KIOSKs

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Highly Secure Advantech AIMB-503 MicroATX for ATMs and KIOSKs Advantech is introducing AIMB-503, a new industrial-grade MicroATX motherboard embedded with the 4th generation Intel Core i processor, providing better graphic and computing performance. Equipped with abundant I/O, AIMB-503 also enables extended connectivity to handle multiple peripherals. Integrated with the new SUSIAccess 2.0 Pro remote device management software, AIMB-503 can fulfil the essential demands in the ATM/KIOSK market, such as remote control, security, and system recovery.

AIMB-503 comes with high connectivity and expansion options including: one PCI ×16 expansion slot, two PCIe ×1 expansion slot, 1 PCI slot, one Mini-PCIe with SIM card holder, 10× serial ports, 3× SATA III/II 600/300 MB/s connectors, 2× USB 3.0 ports, 7× USB 2.0 ports, keyboard/mouse port, and supports 8-bit digital programmable I/O along with two BTX type Audio Jacks. Both 11× USB and 10× serial ports can provide sufficient connection possibilities for KIOSK/ATM system integrators to link and manage multiple peripherals. All this connectivity is packed into a space-saving, power-efficient, and cost-effective MicroATX form factor.

Powered by the 4th generation Intel Core i processors, AIMB-503’s dual display output supports DP+DVI, VGA+DP, VGA+DVI, (LVDS supports 3.3V, 5V, and 12V for large-sized panels), which makes it suitable for integration with panel PC systems, and also supports dual channel 48-bit LVDS for large-sized panels. With Intel HD graphics 5000 integrated onto the processor chip, this two-chip option provides better 3D and video performance to deliver stunning graphics and imaging.

AIMB-503 is pre-loaded with SUSIAccess Pro 2.0 providing intelligent remote device management and monitoring. With SUSIAccess Pro 2.0 on your device you can remotely switch machines on and off, access the desktop, recover a system and configure protection features. SUSIAccess Pro 2.0 includes McAfee’s banking-level security for system protection. With Acronis’ No.1 backup and disaster recovery data protection system on AIMB-503, you can confidently access your data anytime, anywhere. AIMB-503 with SUSIAccess Pro V2.0 is not only an industrial motherboard but also a kit which offers security, remote management, fast boot-up, robust operation, rich I/O and multiple display features for any ATM/KIOSK applications. Supported Operating Systems include Windows 7, Windows 7 Embedded, Windows 8 hardware drivers for all these OS are readily available.

AIMB-503 features:

  • Supports Intel 4th generation Core i processors
  • Two 240-pin DIMM up to 16GB DDR3 1600MHz SDRAM
  • Supports dual display: DP+DVI, VGA+DP, VGA+DVI
  • Rich I/O and expansion options: 10× COMs, 2× USB 3.0, 7× USB 2.0, and 8-bit GPIO, 2 PCIe ×1, 1 PCIe ×16, 1 PCI, 1 Mini PCIe
  • Dual channel 6W amplifier for Audio
  • Embedded value added software: SUSIAccess, Acronis, McAfee supported for remote management, remote system recovery, and banking-level security for system protection

AIMB-503 is available now; for more information, please contact an Advantech local sales office or visit the website at

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