Hookit discs by 3M add versatility to sanding applications

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WARNING: 3m is extending its range of lightweight sanding products with the introduction of two innovative additions to the Unrecognised tag 3M is extending its range of lightweight sanding products with the introduction of two innovative additions to the {[b=Hookit Disc Range} designed to last longer than other abrasives on the market.

The Hookit Abrasive Disc 236U with paper backing and Hookit Abrasive Disc 375L with Film backing by 3M have been launched to extend the Hookit Range from 3M as it continues to build on its many years of designing and manufacturing abrasives.

Designed to improve dust extraction and extend disc life, the Paper Disc 236U features an innovative 21-hole dust extraction pattern with a premium aluminium oxide mineral and load-resistant coating. The disc has been designed to be compatible with most existing back-up pads, and the use of modern coating technology means that it has a faster cut and longer life. Its grade ranges from P80 to P500.

With a new paper backing to provide excellent flexibility and improved edge durability, the Paper Disc 236U can be used on a range of surfaces, including wood, paint, metal and composites, meaning that it is suitable for the aerospace, marine, metalworking and woodworking industries.

The Film Disc 375L has been designed to maximise durability, flexibility and versatility to achieve the desired finish on metal, wood, composites and paint. With a sanding grade range of up to P1500 from a 60 grade, the 375L disc provides tear-resistant properties due to its durable film construction.

Offering adaptability with its attachment system, the Film Disc 375L means that a quick product changeover is possible, with a smooth film backing providing a uniform and consistent finish.

Nigel Willcock at 3M Abrasive Systems Division says: “At 3M we continue to find innovative ways to create the best solutions for our customers. The Hookit Range of abrasive discs already offers fantastic products but the addition of the 236U and the 375L ranges strengthens this line.

“The Paper Disc 236U is our best yet multi-purpose lightweight paper abrasive disc and the durability of Film Disc 375L is exceptional. We believe that the addition of these products is going to benefit our customers as we continue to think of new ways to make efficient and long-lasting abrasive discs.”

The Hookit Abrasive Discs are part of a wider range of 3M abrasives, sanding tools and accessories to assist productivity, whilst saving cost and improving the quality of surface modification operations. For more information about the range of Hookit Discs by 3M, visit

23 July 2014

3M United Kingdom plc (Abrasives Systems Division)visit website
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