Function block library for Smart Metering

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Function block library for Smart MeteringThe ResySM21 function block library allows you to connect a Phoenix Contact controller to a power meter. Network operators, operators of electrical systems, and their customers must be able to access power meter data at all times.

The ResySM21 library is used for data exchange between controllers and meters in energy, water, gas or district heating. Data is acquired according to DIN EN 62056-21. The development of Smart Metering became necessary in response to the creation of Smart Grids, in which the components of a power supply network are networked. Smart Metering means that a microcontroller-aided power meter is integrated in a network. This meter enables communication from a controller. Various data is read and different commands are sent. All data can then be made available to a higher-level control system by using additional Resy+ libraries, such as Resy104 (IEC 60870-5-104). In this way, a control system has unrestricted remote access to water and power meters.

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