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Advantech offers Computer-on-Module evaluation kitsAdvantech is announcing Evaluation Kits (EVK) for a full range of RISC-based Computer-on-Modules powered by the Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 high-performance processor. Advantech offers various EVKs for multiple RISC-based Computer-on-Module (COM) hardware platforms including Qseven, SMARC and RTX 2.0; so users can benefit from worry-free evaluation without purchasing any additional items.

The full range of Advantech Computer-on-Module EVKs was designed for evaluating function and performance validation, hardware design and application development. A reference design of each carrier board provides valid samples of all its features, and the integrated I/O and chips offer further reference designs to help users develop their own carrier boards. The evaluation board can be used for trouble-shooting and as a benchmark for cross-comparison. It is critical for quality assurance and testing that an error-free and well-integrated standard board is available, users need it to compare with their own customised board, and this is what the company is offering through Advantech’s Evaluation Kit.

Advantech EVKs were released along with Advantech’s optimized OS image in Linux, Android, Ubuntu and WinCE, so users can validate the performance of different OS through one single hardware platform. In addition, the source code of the supported OS can be obtained for free through Advantech’s sales channels, and related documents such as carrier board schematics, reference design guide, and user manuals are all downloadable from the product website; so customers can efficiently improve the validation and development of their new Computer-on-Modules.

Advantech’s EVK supports full I/O testing, which minimises installation time, so users no longer need to spend time on making cables or looking to map connectors. With Advantech’s full range of Computer-on-Module EVKs, you can immediately experience the high performance and low-power consumption of Freescale i.MX6 series powerful SoCs.

Furthermore, Advantech provides a compatible peripheral list for each Evaluation Kit to show clear information to those who need Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Camera and more. The compatibility of peripheral devices have been tested and approved and the drivers have been well integrated and verified. All compatible peripheral devices can be obtained through Advantech’s sales channels and online store with the same warranty and customer service as the EVKs.

The standard package for each EVK includes a ROM series RISC-based Computer-on-Module, a corresponding Evaluation Carrier Board, Power Adapter, LVDS panel and cables for device connection. A heat spreader/semi-heatsink is also enclosed in the EVK package to provide a thermal option for high-temperature environments. Available models are listed below; contact your Advantech sales channel or visit the Advantech RISC mini site for more information.

Please visit Advantech’s RISC mini site for product information, document downloads, and technical information sharing about of RISC-based Computer-on-Modules and associated products.

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