A sensor for the new black? - SICK’s miniature W2S

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A sensor for the new black? - SICK’s miniature W2S SICK’s new W2S family delivers powerful sub-miniature photoelectric positioning sensing for today’s most difficult packaging materials – even matt black. The slim housing allows convenient mounting within tight spaces demanded by compact machinery.

The sensor’s cutting-edge photoelectric sensing promises production efficiency and reliability even with challenging objects to detect in electronics and solar panel assembly applications, materials handling & logistics, or packaging applications

Phil Dyas, SICK (UK) industrial sensor specialist, says: “The new W2S performance enables high-speed conveying lines to deliver efficiency even with matt black materials. The SICK W2S gives manufacturers the opportunity to integrate modern photoelectric sensing power where it was difficult and expensive before. The W2S will consistently detect matt black materials with as low as 1 per cent reflectivity, unheard of in this size and price range. The sophisticated background suppression software ensures high reliability and consistency whether detecting jet black, brightly-coloured, matt, transparent or highly reflective objects.

The four models in the SICK W2S sensors range are contained in a rugged IP67-rated housing that measures only 7.7 × 21.8 × 13.5mm. The double-sealed 45 degree offset cable entry minimises environmental ingress and reduces accidental damage during operation.

A PinPoint LED ensures a high-visibility light spot at sensing ranges up to 3m and can be adjusted on the unit by a three-turn potentiometer. It is complemented by the high-sensitivity 128 pixel array detector, ensuring excellent sensitivity and capability. There is no range difference in black or white surface detection (B/W shift).

The tightly-focussed spot offers precise leading edge detection and widely visible LEDs indicate operating status. The SICK W2S is easy to set up and integrate with existing control systems. The secure metal mounting holes and rubber bearings protect the W2S sensor from shock and vibration. The improved integrated ASIC electronics sustain safe functionality against highest EMC-level and ambient lights and the BGS sensor can be adjusted for critical backgrounds.

Excellent performance and a comprehensive selection of photoelectric modes make the cost-competitive W2S series suitable for a wide range of applications.

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