Barcode positioning system with wide range of bus interfaces

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Barcode positioning system with wide range of bus interfacesLeuze electronic is expanding the range of its new BPS 300i bar code positioning system with the addition of the Profibus and SSI interfaces.

BPS 300i systems have been equipped with an integrated Profinet interface since their launch; they now feature interfaces for Profibus, SSI, RS232 and RS485 as well. The integrated bus interfaces enable full device configuration directly via from control system. This saves time during installation and money by avoiding the need for additional connection units.

In industry, Profibus DP and Profinet are used for fast communication between all types of controls and sensors/actuators. The Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) is an interface for position measuring systems, that delivers absolute information about position via serial data transmission. The modularity of the BPS 300i systems allows the device to be equipped with various connection technologies, integrated LED display and integrated heating for applications to -35degC. The Availability Control function monitors and reports the performance reserve of the total system.

Leuze electronic invented the BPS bar code positioning system more than 10 years ago. The second generation of these established devices is now available in the new Leuze electronic product design. All technology and application experiences from the past ten years have been incorporated in the new BPS 300i product series. With bar code positioning systems, a reader, which is moved along a bar code tape, determines the precise position of the moved part. It is thereby possible to generate absolute values with millimetre precision in microseconds – meaning that up to 1000 measurement values are processed per second. The working range of the new BPS 300i systems is unmatched at 50 to 170mm. They are, thus, very tolerant of mechanical fluctuations that can arise in typical applications in intralogistics and in the automotive industry, for example in high-bay storage devices, overhead conveyors, gantry cranes or transfer cars. Even at high traverse rates of up to 10m/s, the reproducible accuracy is +/-0.15mm.

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