EMI connector filter technology available on very short delivery

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EMI connector filter technology available on very short deliveryAstute Electronics is now offering Quell EESeal FilterSeals that can be designed-in or retrofitted into existing connectors very simply, even in the field, providing effective EMI shielding that will survive extreme environmental abuse. Free samples are available via Astute's website (see below).

EESeal FilterSeals are formed from resilient silicone rubber; the inserts are easily and quickly incorporated into standard connector bodies, without the need for any special tooling, to form an effective EMI filter and environmental seal.

EESeal EMI inserts can be custom-manufactured in as little as seven days and will fit into many different hi-rel connector formats including MIL-C-38999, MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-83723, ARINC, Eurofighter, Lemo, MDM, D-subminiature, Micro D- subminiature, DIN and custom connectors too.

Gary Evans, Astute Electronics' E-MECH Divisional Manager, comments: "This is an exciting technology. EESeal EMI Filter inserts for connectors are an easy and simple solution compared to bulky adapters, filtered connectors, and other traditional EMI filters. They are smaller, lighter and cheaper - and they are available on a very fast turn-around, slashing TTM."

Follow the link for more information about Quell EESeal FilterSeals and to order a free sample.

01 December 2014

Astute Electronics Ltdvisit website
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