Fischer MiniMax connectors save space, weight and cost

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Fischer MiniMax connectors save space, weight and costAstute Electronics is introducing the Fischer MiniMax connectors, which combine high density, signal and power in a miniature package - the profile is less than 7mm inside the box.

The family of rugged, high-performance connectors is now available both in 19- and 24-pin configurations, giving designers more flexibility, especially where space and weight restrictions play a role.

Gary Evans, Astute Electronics' E-Mech Divisional Manager, comments: "The combination of power and signal contacts offered by the Fischer MiniMax series enables more functionality [to be packed into] smaller devices and lowers the total cost of ownership. This connector is ideally suited for handheld or wearable applications, for instrumentation and for test equipment."

While the 24-pin configuration is available with four power and 20 signal contacts, the 19-pin configuration of the Fischer MiniMax series features four power and 15 signal contacts as standard, with the ability to increase the number of power contacts depending on the cable used. Within the signal contacts, there are two advanced contacts for USB power connections as an option.

Fischer MiniMax connectors are available in three latching systems: push-pull, screw lock and quick-release. They are sealed to IP68 (2m/24h), both mated and unmated, and feature an 'unbreakable keying system' that withstands over 4Nm of torque; over-moulded assemblies are capable of withstanding 40kg of tensile (break-away) force.

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01 December 2014

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