New electronic device circuit breakers

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New electronic device circuit breakersIn addition to providing protection against overload and short-circuit, the new electronic device circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact now also offer an inverted status output. They are therefore particularly suitable for group signaling with the aid of a parallel connection for the status outputs.

Unlike the existing device circuit breakers, the new circuit breakers with inverted status output provide the required High signal after tripping in the event of an error. The product range includes a total of 14 protective devices with nominal currents ranging from 1 to 10A. Versions are available with Reset-In and Control-In.

Electronic circuit breakers offer precise tripping in the event of an error and the advantage over mechanical circuit breakers is that current flow is limited. This ensures that the voltage of the power supply is not interrupted and the system remains in operation. Prompt tripping is ensured even when dealing with much longer cable lengths. Control and signaling can be selected variably. From the floating signal contact to the active status input, a high degree of flexibility in signaling is available. The circuit breaker can be remotely switched on again or even switched off with the reset input and control input.

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