Slimline RFID coded safety switches provide high integrity

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Slimline RFID coded safety switches provide high integrityNew Pilz PSENcode coded safety switches are slimmer than the existing PSENcode safety switches, at 13mm, yet they still incorporate the same high-integrity RFID transponder technology. These non-contact, fail-safe switches are suitable for monitoring the position of guards up to PL e or SIL 3, and also for general position monitoring. With ECOLAB approval and sealing to IP67, the switches can be used in most food and beverage processing machine applications as well as in general manufacturing environments.

Thanks to the use of RFID transponder technology, the PSENcode coded safety switches achieve a very high degree of protection against manipulation, but in a compact overall package. Intuitive LED error messages provide for rapid troubleshooting, and the inherent reliability (PFH 9.56e-10, PLe) enables a high number of switching operations to be completed without any need to exchange the switch during the machine's operating lifetime. The new, slimline member of the PSENcode range can also be installed on gates, covers or flaps in up to four actuation and approach directions, and two different operating distances each (1-8mm and 7-20mm).

With a fast reaction time of just 150ms, the new PSENcode switch also enables safety distances to be reduced. Another benefit of these high-integrity safety switches is that they can be connected in series without any loss of diagnostic coverage (DC) or performance level (PL e), which can result in significant savings in wiring time and costs compared with some other safety switch configurations.

Being highly versatile, the PSENcode offers design engineers ample freedom when designing machines. Furthermore, it is also possible to use the PSENcode switches in applications for which magnetic safety switches were previously the only viable option. Indeed, the RFID PSENcode coded safety switches can be used as direct replacements for magnetic switches due to the use of industry-standard 22mm fixing centres.

PSENcode coded safety switches meet the requirements of the new European and International standard EN ISO 14119, Safety of machinery - Interlocking devices associated with guards - Principles for design and selection, in terms of fully coded and uniquely fully coded RFID safety switches, and they can be used up to PLe. Note that, if required, Pilz offers a version of the slimline PSENcode switch with a magnetic latch for holding the gate in place, which eliminates the need to specify, purchase and install a separate door latch.

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