New signal light with seven colours in one lens

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New signal light with seven colours in one lensThe new Patlite multi-colour signal lights type NE-CL7 have the capacity for up to seven colours in a single module. According to the power connection, bright LED bulbs show as red, yellow, white, green, blue, light blue and purple. Potential applications are in AGVs, conveyors, small machine tools and packaging machinery where the NE-CL7 offers advantages of reduced cost and smaller dimensions.

Signal lights like the NE-CL7 are used to indicate machine status. With seven available colours the visual messages can be used to indicate machine operating, stopped, forward, reverse, waiting material, inspection and similar messages. The previous alternative would be to use a signal tower with capacity for up to 5 colours. In comparison the NE-CL7 multi-colour signal lights are smaller with a diameter of 57mm and height of 61mm, suiting applications with restricted space.

These new signal lights are available in the UK through Techdrives. They suit supply voltages of 12 and 24V DC and are energy saving as the currents are very low. The LED bulbs give high brightness and long maintenance free life. Enclosure is to IP67 suiting all indoor applications. Go to for further information about the Patlite multi-colour signal lights.

17 February 2015

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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