SKF offers Lincoln high-performance lubrication multi-line pump

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SKF offers Lincoln high-performance lubrication multi-line pumpSKF is introducing its new Lincoln P212 multi-line pump for use in multi-line lubrication systems or as a centralised pump in large progressive systems. Developed for demanding environments, this reliable pump is suitable for applications including tunnel boring, mining, rubber mixing equipment and various stationary machines with high lubricant consumption, as well as for use with selected sealing compounds.

The Lincoln P212 multi-line pump provides high-volume delivery of grease or oil, utilising up to 12 elements. Featuring a modular design, the pump is economical and simple to install and maintain, because it no longer requires tubing to combine two or more pump elements. The versatile pump has a powerful 0.55 kW (400V AC) motor, and its delivery volumes can be adjusted easily per outlet from 150 to 1480 cm³/h (10 to 90 in³/h) using a 50Hz motor, or from 180 to 1776 cm³/h (12 to 108 in³/h) using a 60Hz motor.

SKF’s Lincoln P212 multi-line pump has a maximum operating pressure of 350bar (5070psi) and works efficiently in temperatures ranging from -20 to +70degC (-4 to +158degF). The pump’s durable reservoir has a capacity of 30 litres (7.9 gal.) and is available with an optional ultrasonic sensor for level control. Its integrated stirring paddle keeps the lubricant smooth and easy to feed, even in cold temperatures.

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