ESAB launches new Miggytrac battery-operated welding tractor

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ESAB launches new Miggytrac battery-operated welding tractor ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is introducing Miggytrac B501, a battery-operated, next generation model of its popular Miggytrac welding tractor for mechanised GMAW (MIG) applications. The new Miggytrac B501 is suitable for use with any ESAB GMAW (MIG) power source. A high-performance, 18-volt lithium-ion battery is used to power the unit and provides up to eight hours of operation, and is fully rechargeable in 40 minutes. The battery – commonly found at hardware/home improvement stores – is easily replaceable. With no electrical connection required to the power source, minimal setup and built to be ultra-portable, the Miggytrac B501 easily mechanises a GMAW power source to increase welding productivity and efficiency.

Setup is fast and easy at the workpiece and all weld data is set at the power source, so Miggytrac B501 is quick to set up.

Weighing only 21kg, the Miggytrac B501 welding tractor is smaller and lighter weight than comparable units yet is rugged in construction. Driven by stepper motor technology, it provides constant travel speed and repeatable performance. Welding travel speed ranges from 100 to 1300mm/min. The compact design allows easy movement between work pieces.

Miggytrac B501 is self-propelled, with a four-wheel drive and high-friction wheels for stable, accurate and constant operation, even in inclined positions. The carriage follows the joint using guide wheels, which can be adjusted to allow the unit to drive itself against the workpiece. An optional ‘easy fit’ magnet kit for front and rear offers the versatility to handle bent or angled workpieces.

Miggytrac B501 is suitable for ship and offshore yards, structural steel fabrication, bridge construction, industrial and general fabrication applications. For more information, visit

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