MMA electrodes meet many industry-specific welding requirements

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MMA electrodes meet many industry-specific welding requirementsESAB is promoting its comprehensive line of MMA electrodes which suit a broad range of industry-specific welding applications. ESAB offers more than 100 types of MMA electrodes in a wide array of alloys, including mild steel, low hydrogen / low alloy, nickel, stainless and aluminium alloys, as well as hardfacing and cast iron electrodes.

ESAB’s rutile electrodes are favoured for their excellent all-positional arc control at very low welding currents. A stable, soft arc and voltage makes them suitable for both up and downhill welding. The slag system allows faster travel speeds and longer welds, reducing electrode change time loss.

ESAB’s OK extra-low carbon stainless steel electrodes reduce the possibility of carbide precipitation and consequent intergranular corrosion. They are suitable for welding a variety of stainless steels in any welding position. They also can be used for welding stabilised stainless steels of similar composition, except when full creep resistance of the base material is to be met. Corrosion resistance meets the requirements of demanding environments found in such industries as petrochemical and shipbuilding.

ESAB’s history of innovation began with the invention of the covered welding electrode in 1904 by company founder, Oscar Kjellberg. Even today tens of thousands of welders encounter his initials in the form of an OK on the welding consumables they use. ESAB welding consumables have a proven track record of excellence and superior quality and are designed to work in high- or low-temperature environments, high-humidity worksites, or the most challenging out-of-position projects across multiple industry sectors.

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