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ESAB high-definition welding helmet reduces eye strainESAB Welding & Cutting Products is introducing the Aristo Tech HD welding helmet, its first auto-darkening helmet with an optical class of 1/1/1/1, which indicates the highest optical performance possible according to the rigorous EN 379 Standard. Professional welders will immediately notice greater clarity of the weld and increased definition of the weld pool, which helps them achieve more accurate results while reducing eye strain, especially when welding for long periods.

The Aristo Tech HD features an advanced LCD lens with a 100 × 62mm (3.9” × 2.4”) viewing area – 12mm (0.5”) larger than the previous lens – for wider visibility and better spatial awareness. ESAB’s new X-TIG mode provides superior performance when TIG welding down to 5 amps. In the X-TIG mode, the helmet uses electromagnetic arc sensors that automatically react to the magnetic field of the arc. This eliminates interference from sunlight or other electrical/electronic equipment, as well as ensures that the helmet darkens when the sensors are blocked, such as when welding pipe or in awkward positions.

A grind mode is activated at the lowest sensitivity, so operators do n0t have to shift between the helmet and a face shield and safety glasses when grinding. The grind mode also works well for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. The helmet’s digital lens technology gives the welder full control to adjust shade (5 to 13), sensitivity and delay settings with precision for any application or process. The Aristo Tech HD weighs 515g (18 oz.) and features a matte carbon rubberised finish (the most robust finish available) that is highly resistant to cuts and scratches.

The European Norm (EN) 379 Standard is a standard recognised worldwide to provide welders with a rating system by which they can evaluate auto-darkening filters (ADFs). The standard sets performance requirements for optical quality and evaluates them on a scale of 1 to 3, with 1 being the highest. The four factors that determine quality are:

  • Optical quality – a 1 rating indicates a clear image with little to no distortion caused by the lens warping the image
  • Diffusion of light – a 1 rating indicates a clean image without hazing caused by impurities in the lens
  • Variation in luminous transmittance – a 1 rating indicates uniform darkness across the entire surface of the lens
  • Angle of dependence of luminous transmittance – a 1 rating indicates uniform darkness when viewing the lens at an angle

With its 1/1/1/1/ rating, welders can be assured that the Aristo Tech HD helmet offers the sharpest, clearest and most consistent view of the weld puddle. Its angular dependence compensation (ADC) technology ensures a consistent shade level even when viewing the lens at an angle, which is often the case when welding out of position.

The Aristo Tech HD helmet is available with several options, including a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) unit and/or hard hat, magnifying lenses and hearing protection. ESAB’s PAPR delivers a fresh air flow and offers protection against welding fume particles.

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