Optik-D Series fibre optic termini require less optical power

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Optik-D Series fibre optic termini require less optical powerPositronic’s new Optik-D Series is an ARINC 801 conformant fibre optic terminus for use with Positronic’s family of Combo-D hybrid connectors that combine optical, power, signal and/or coax in a single interconnect. Now available from Astute Electronics, the Optik-D Series requires less optical power than competitive termini and enables more cost-effective optical devices to be used – for example, an inexpensive LED laser rather than a costly solid state laser.

Fibre optics offers many advantages for harsh environment applications including high bandwidth, EMI immunity, minimal losses over long distances, reduced weight and wiring bulk and improved data security safety. These attributes are particularly suited for medical imaging, aerospace, oil and gas and telecom products. Optik-D’s ultra-low insertion loss of 0.06dB also means less optical power is required for connected devices compared with D-38999 or ARINC600-based systems, so it is more cost effective. Optik-D is compatible with other ARINC 801 termini.

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