New ‘Flex’ drop-in filter products from Aerco

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Under the terms of a new exclusive agreement Aerco has been appointed as the UK and Ireland stocking distributor for the range of ‘Flex’ filter inserts from USA-based EMI Solutions.

‘Flex’ filter inserts use a ‘drop-in’ chip capacitor filter and are designed for all types of circular and D-sub connectors. The system provides a high-performance, cost-effective and simple alternative to embedded filter connectors and can be simply installed into existing connectors.

The use of a copper layer in the insert provides high levels of screening and the use of a tab design on the outside, rather than fine wires as normally used, provides greater surface area and conductivity. A wide range of capacitance and voltage are available.

President of EMI Solutions, Bob Ydens, says: “I am excited by the appointment of Aerco as our exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland. We look forward to providing them with maximum support throughout a long relationship.”

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