Safety relays are just 6mm wide but can switch 6A loads

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Safety relays are just 6mm wide but can switch 6A loadsPhoenix Contact's new PSR Mini safety relays are described as the world's slimmest safety relays with the power of a large safety relay. With their compact 6mm width, they ensure high safety thanks to positively driven contacts.

Phoenix Contact's new relay technology makes this compact design possible; the design is based on a slim but powerful basic relay characterised by minimal space requirements, low energy consumption and high system availability.

The safety relays can switch loads up to 6A, are compatible with many signal transducers and can be used in many different applications thanks to extensive approvals. This makes the new relays especially suitable for mechanical engineering and process industry applications.

These slim modules require up to 70 per cent less space. As only a single enabling contact is needed, applications can be built with new and improved cost-effectiveness. Safety relays can also be used to build distributed systems in potentially explosive areas. Additionally, the terminal carriers enable the use of system cabling products for a fast and correct start-up and field connection.

The complete PSR Mini range of safety relays consists of 6mm and 12mm models. Follow the link for more information about PSR Mini safety relays from Phoenix Contact.

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