Thomson lifting column actuators for vertical positioning

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Heason Technology is offering motorised vertical lift columns for medical and accessibility equipment as well as the burgeoning market for standing/seating desks and workstations. Thomson’s LC series lifting columns are available in compact two- and three-piece telescopic formats based on smart extruded aluminium profiles with an aesthetic design that looks great as a visible part of the customer’s equipment. Three models with standard stroke lengths between 200 and 600mm include a choice of leadscrew and ballscrew driven variants with self-supporting load capacity from 1600 to 3000N. The complete range is characterised by quiet yet powerful operation and an extension/retraction ratio that offers a minimal retracted length. This combines with maintenance-free long-life performance and simple installation that keeps integration costs to a minimum.

Thomson’s LC series lifting columns are aimed for use in demanding medical applications such as patient beds and examination tables to benefit both patients and medical staff where convenient patient access and treatment heights can be maintained at all times. Homecare accessibility uses include bed lifts and wheel chair lifts that allow users and carers increased freedom. Other applications include dentistry chairs and treatment beds, in addition to use as an ergonomic option to conveniently combine standing and seated work-place environments for office or production workers.

At the top end of the range the LC3000 is a three-piece extrusion with a ballscrew drive mechanism in a compact design that not only caters for a 3000N loading capacity but also offers a high moment loading of up to 400Nm with an operational speed up to 19mm/sec. This capability suits demanding applications for the heaviest duty applications as well as single-column mechanisms where high offset loads need to be supported, although all models may be synchronised for dual or multiple column use from a single control. Thomson’s standard controls are available for use throughout the range. In addition, Heason Technology can supply medically approved hand or foot controls through its sister company Herga Technology.

Heason Technology represents a select number of global manufacturing partners, providing a comprehensive range of first-class motion control components that are combined with a full in-house design-and-build service for complete motion systems. Through this capability Heason are able to supply Thomson’s LC series lifts as part of customised systems with other motion axes, specialised position controls and other positioning mechanics. To learn more go to

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