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ESAB: new range of gas apparatus and pressure control productsESAB Welding & Cutting Products is launching a new range of gas equipment. The new product line combines Victor and ESAB gas apparatus and pressure control products, and is described as the most complete selection offered from any manufacturer.

The new line includes gas regulators, torch handles, oxy-fuel cutting tips and attachments, flow meters, welding and cutting outfits, cutting equipment and more. These products cover the full range of needs from general industrial to heavy duty mill and foundry requirements. They represent the most modern of gas apparatus technology providing superior quality, reliability, safety, and performance. With the new line, ESAB will phase out the Murex Saffire, Elite and Sabrecut brands.

Product highlights include the following:

ESAB EDGE ESS3 Single-Stage Regulators feature an advanced, user-friendly design that protects the outlet hose connection, relief valve, gauges and regulator internals from damage. The housing cap is a zinc aluminium alloy that is twice the yield strength of brass and the cap is mated to the forged brass body with six stainless steel bolts, which provides a flat metal to metal seal and consistent seal compression. The SLAM (Shock Limitation and Absorption Mechanism) knob protects the regulator and cylinder valve in the event of a cylinder fall and can absorb more than 5000lbs. of force.

ESAB EDGE ETS4 Multi-Stage Regulators deliver strong flow performance even as a cylinder empties and inlet pressure decays. EDGE regulators feature a more efficient internal flow path, which improves consistency from full to empty cylinder.

ESAB G Series Single-Stage Regulators are based on a more traditional regulator design with contoured, colour-coded knobs to indicate gas type, plus better comfort when adjusting gas pressure. These regulators feature a high-strength alloy bonnet with nearly twice the yield strength of forged brass that provides exceptional durability.

ESAB 400 Series Cutting Torches and Welding Handles use a contoured, high-strength alloy torch handle that fits naturally in the operator’s hands. Lighter than the traditional brass handle, this alloy offers three times the yield strength. The cutting attachment provides excellent line-of-sight visibility through a sleek in-line tube configuration. This design utilises the universal mixer offering “One Torch for All Fuels.” The user simply selects the appropriate consumables.

ESAB Bulldog Heavy Industry Cutting Torches are high-capacity straight cutting torches designed for heavy cutting applications. Torches are designed to be lightweight for operator comfort, but are strong and durable, capable of cutting up to 350mm (14”).

ESAB Medalist Complete Cutting and Welding Kits include a two-piece 400 Series cutting/welding torch oxygen and acetylene regulators, flashback arrestors and nozzles for cutting and welding, in a hard carry-case. Available with either EDGE or G Series regulators, these kits are suitable for most oxy-fuel cutting and welding applications.

The new gas apparatus products combine the proven, time-tested quality of global market leaders with enhancements in oxy-fuel cutting and gas control technology. The products are available from any ESAB distributor.

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