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XiOptical M29504 optical terminations from Astute ElectronicsAvailable from Astute Electronics is XiOptics Optical Solutions’ Mil-PRF-29504 qualified optical terminal products for either Mil-C-38999 or ARINC 600/404 connector systems. They are described as unique both in their design and in the materials from which they are made.

The Mil-T-29504 /4 and /5 termini are available as fully qualified DLA/DSCC listed QPL Mil-T-29504 termini and as lower cost COTS (commercial) versions for Mil-DTL-38999 connectors. These rugged products can be placed into any size 16 cavity in any selected Mil-DTL-38999 connector. The Mil-T-29504 /6 and /7 termini are optical interconnect versions for those wishing to use optical pathways within the same ARINC 600/404 gang as electrical or RF contacts. These can be placed into any size 16 cavity in any ARINC gang insert.

All products are fully compliant and qualified to Mil-PRF-29504 specifications, and XiOptics is the only manufacturer of M29504 termini to have successfully qualified products for use in single-mode optical fibre applications.

On body materials, XiOptics only uses precision machined and passivated stainless steel in all metallic components. This ensures compatibility with all connector platforms as well as providing users absolute surety of non-corrosive products. Pre-set stainless steel pressure springs are used to ensure that the product performs after hundreds of mating cycles exactly as it performed on its first cycle. XiOptics has also partnered with a leading supplier of precision ceramic ferrules. These ferrules have concentricity and diametric tolerances controlled within 0.5um and incorporate manufacturing technologies developed for the high-volume ceramics used in the telecoms industry. They align fibres within the ferrule structure approximately four times more accurately than competing designs. This results in insertion loss values that are not only typically lower but also more stable during product lifetimes.

They use the Mil-T-29504 style-two fibre jacket material termination method. This removes the need for messy external adhesive application or the use of heat shrink tubing as found in style-one designs. Style-two products mirror modern termination methods used for most modern telecoms connectors, such as LC, SC and ST. Hence, cable harness manufacturers are more familiar and confortable with terminating these configurations than with other older designs. Termination and finishing are performed using fibre termination methods including fast-and-easy thermal cure epoxy systems. Once terminated, the terminals do not require cumbersome heat shrink sleeving or other auxiliary guide features to capture strength member aramid yarns. This results in a better performing, more cost-efficient and reliable fibre termination method. For those involved in legacy programmes, style-one products are also available.

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