New relay modules for environments with explosive atmospheres

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New relay modules for environments with explosive atmospheresPhoenix Contact’s product range of highly compact PLC Interface relay modules now also includes variants for deployment in environments with explosive atmospheres. These comply with the legally prescribed requirements and approvals according to Class 1, Division 2. Some of the variants additionally comply with the ATEX guideline.

Industrial environments subject to explosive atmospheres require switching components to have very high levels of reliability and safety. The new relay modules feature RTIII-sealed relays and safe isolation of coils and contacts according to DIN EN 50178. They are available with screw-in as well as spring-cage connections, facilitating easy installation in crowded switching cabinets. Voltage distribution is very quick thanks to pluggable bridges that are inserted into the relays’ bridge shafts. In addition, wiring of the components can be further simplified through the use of adapters when connecting to the system cabling.

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