Sick DT50-2 PRO sets standards in distance sensing

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Sick DT50-2 PRO sets standards in distance sensingWith the launch of the compact and versatile DT50-2 PRO, Sick has delivered a next-generation laser sensor that combines high-performance distance sensing with excellent resolution object profile detection over distances up to 30m.

With its patented HDDMTM time of flight technology, the DT50-2 PRO family of sensors provides resilient performance in spite of challenging environmental conditions such as mechanical stresses, strong ambient light or extreme temperatures. Typical applications in the factory production include conveyor and line monitoring, bin and stillage level sensing.

Darren Pratt, Sick industrial sensor specialist explains: “The DT50-2 PRO is a highly versatile performer that can fulfil multiple functions. It has an excellent range of up to 10 metres for a black object and up to 30 metres for a white object. Its ability to detect simple profiles is combined with scanning up to 3000 times a second to ensure consistency even with rapidly-moving objects.

“The DT50-2 PRO operates safely and reliably despite adverse ambient light conditions, reflections and shine as well as through extreme temperatures and difficult atmospheric conditions. Multiple sensors can be used in proximity to each other due to anti-cross talk algorithms which prevent mutual interference.”

Sick’s DT50-2 PRO is described as the most compact sensor on the market, capable of measuring 30m. The metal-housed unit offers IP67 protection and an operating temperature range from -40degC to +65degC. A weather hood accessory is available to shelter the sensor, as is a water-cooled model with heat-resistant glass for extreme heat applications.

Excellent consistency in distance and positioning sensing is assured with repeatability to 0.5mm; cross-talk and interference between sensors is eliminated so that multiple sensor set ups are easy to achieve. The intuitive on-board display includes settings to indicate distance value and signal strength, providing reassurance to the user about the reliability of the measurement.

The DT50-2 PRO is a good option for a broad range of applications, offering the versatility of three switching modes: distance to object, distance window and object between sensor and background (DTO/Window/OBSB)*. The user can choose between PNP or NPN switching to match the existing control set-up. 4-20mA, 0-10 volt outputs and IO-Link is also supported. There is even the new DT50-2 WF for Wi-Fi capability enabling configuration via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Sick’s DT50-2 PRO on-board display features a push button, easy set-up menu structure for rapid and intuitive selection of switching mode and object teach-in, including comparison to a reference object for basic sorting tasks. Speed of operation, sensing range and repeatability can also be configured to match application requirements. The IO-Link connection, using Stack 1.1, facilitates uploading of the settings memory to the remote PLC for rapid reprogramming of replacements, and the Sick memory stick allows settings to be cloned between sensing devices. A range of mounting and connection options is available.

Field modules are available for, the DT50-2 PRO enabling connection capability to higher level fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS, ProfiNet, Ethernet IP and EtherCat. This provides space saving at the sensor installation, and better value as multiple sensing connections can be connected to one field module.

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