Thermal panel printer for direct printout of measurement reports

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Thermal panel printer for direct printout of measurement reportsA thermal panel printer that generates printouts of current measurement results directly at the point where the data recorder is installed is now available from Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd. The MultiPrint MLP-149 thermal fixed head panel printer communicates directly with the MultiCon series of data recorders and controllers using a mini USB interface, enabling printing onto standard 57mm width thermal paper or onto self-adhesive labels.

The printouts consist of three different sections: a header, main content and footer. The header and footer comprise of .PNG files, which typically include a company logo and date/time stamp, which the user can prepare and upload to the recorder. The main content of the printout is generated at the time of printing and typically includes a table of current measurement results such as pressures, flow rates, temperatures, etc.

Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: “Often, in busy industrial and process manufacturing environments, direct printouts of current measurement results are required. The printouts can be triggered automatically, for example, if an alarm threshold has been reached, by a manufacturing process being completed, or manually by the request of an operator. In addition, many process manufacturing companies require hard copy printouts for validation, calibration and traceability purposes.”

The MultiPrint MLP-149 also benefits from a compact design with dimensions of 144 × 96 × 98mm and a weight of just 476g. Operating temperature is from 0degC to +50degC. Printing speed is 50mm/sec and print resolution is 204dpi. A range of accessories for the MultiPrint MLP-149 is also available, including mounting brackets, thermal paper rolls and a 60W single output DIN rail power supply.

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29 June 2015

Impress Sensors & Systems Ltdvisit website
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